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Angry Birds in Medieval Manuscripts

Updated: May 12, 2020

I’m just back from two very enjoyable days in Oxford, at the Bodleian Library’s wonderful new Weston Library.  Apart from looking at some fascinating and important manuscripts, I snuck a peek at their Marks of Genius exhibition, which I’d strongly recommend if you’re in town (it’s free, and on until 20 September).

The view from the David Room on the fifth floor of the Weston Library is pretty special:

…though I do still have a soft spot for Cambridge’s University Library – this is the equivalent view:

But of course the manuscripts were the main reason I was there.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post about some of the things I found soon.  But for now, here’s a picture of a feathered fellow who seems rather frustrated by Geber‘s technique for finding the latitude of a star:

MS Ashmole 1796, ff. 188v-189r
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05 de out. de 2023

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